10 Unique and Versatile Uses for Your Baby Blankets

Are you looking for creative ways to use your baby’s blankets? Maybe you now have a toddler that has outgrown some blankets, or you’re wondering how to repurpose old blankets that you don’t want to give away.

Whether you’re still using these blankets or trying to figure out how to give them a second life, we’ve got ideas you’ll love. Consider these 10 unique and versatile uses for your baby blankets.

1. Nursing Cover

If you prefer to use a nursing cover in public, a lightweight and breathable baby blanket works wonderfully. You can drape one end of the fabric over one shoulder or drape the blanket over both your shoulders. You can also tie a knot at one corner of the blanket, drape it over your shoulder, and place the knotted corner underneath your bra strap to secure the blanket and prevent it from slipping down.

It’s important to leave space between the nursing baby and the blanket. The fabric should not touch the baby’s face so that air circulates for baby’s comfort and safety.

2. Safety Blankie

Babies and toddlers bond with comfort objects, also called lovies, for comfort and security. The best lovies are small, soft, and don’t create noise. That’s why a small blanket is a perfect lovey.

The American Academy of Pediatrics advises that it’s unsafe for a baby to sleep with a blanket while they are less than a year old. Introduce the security blanket once your baby is over a year old if you want your baby to sleep with it. You can encourage your baby to bond with the lovey by choosing a stuffed animal with a blanket body.

3. Burp Cloth

Keep you and your baby clean from spit-up by using a blanket as a burp cloth. Burp cloths are typically small enough to be convenient for throwing over your shoulder or using as a facial wipe for baby.

Using a small blanket covers a greater area than a typical burp cloth. When you throw one over your shoulder, you don’t have to be as careful with the placement, and you’ll protect more of your clothing as you burp the baby. A blanket with soft, absorbent fabric works well.

4. Full-Coverage Bib

Baby-led weaning is a way for baby to learn about food through active engagement. Rather than have a parent or caregiver spoon-feed mushy food, in baby-led weaning, babies feed themselves by grabbing chunks of soft food directly from the highchair table. With this approach to mealtime, babies develop hand-eye coordination, dexterity, and chewing skills.

While there are many benefits of baby-led weaning, parents can struggle with the mess. You can use a baby blanket as a full-coverage bib to help keep baby clean so that you can focus on your meal together.

5. Nursery Décor

If you love the look of a baby blanket, why not hang it like a tapestry and enjoy it as nursery décor? This unique and versatile use for your baby blankets creates a comfortable and welcoming space. Baby blankets often feature whimsical patterns and delightful color combinations, and you can hang a baby blanket on a wall to create a focal point.

There are several methods you can use to hang the blanket. One of the best ways is to hang a rod on the wall and drape the blanket over the rod. You can also stretch the blanket over a wood frame, staple it in place with a staple gun, and then hang the framed blanket like a canvas on the wall.

6. Shopping Cart Seat Cover

The next time you’re out shopping with baby, consider using a baby blanket as a shopping cart seat cover. Many different people use a single cart several times a day to hold products that have probably passed through many hands. On top of that, these seats aren’t always comfortable.

You can place a baby blanket in the cart to give your child soft support and create a barrier from germs. Choose a blanket that’s not too large or thick so that you don’t overcrowd the space.

7. Plaything

When your baby is young, you can place a baby blanket on the floor and put a few toys on it to create a play area. This is a great idea when you’re at home, visiting someone else’s home, or even outside.

As your child grows and moves around more, they probably won’t be as interested in using the blanket as a play pad. However, blankets can still offer kids opportunities for imaginative fun! You can use baby blankets to build blanket forts that cultivate your child’s sense of adventure or as capes for your growing superhero.

8. Picnic Blanket

While specially made picnic blankets offer a greater degree of durability and portability for outdoor use, you can use old baby blankets as picnic blankets. A baby blanket creates a sweet backdrop for childhood picnics.

Whether your child is eating real picnic food or playing make-believe, consider using an old baby blanket as a picnic blanket. Your child will enjoy having their own “tablecloth” to use indoors for tea parties and other pretend meals.

9. Upcycle

If you feel crafty, you can give old baby blankets new life with different upcycling projects. Consider turning blankets into pillows, child’s pajamas, or quilts. While some projects might require more advanced sewing skills, you can complete many crafts with minimal sewing experience.

Upcycling your baby’s blanket helps you get the most out of something that you already own. And it’s a terrific way for you to get creative with an item tied to special memories of your little one.

10. Keepsake

Another creative way to hold onto a blanket is to preserve it as a keepsake. Whereas upcycling is a way for you to give a new purpose to a blanket, a keepsake allows you to preserve and treasure it for what it is now.

Many parents choose to create a keepsake box of some of their baby’s items. This box often includes things like baby’s first clothes and shoes, a toy, and a baby blanket. It’s up to you to choose the precious items!

To preserve the blanket for a long time, start by thoroughly washing it. Wash and dry your hands so that no toiletry products stain the fabric. Wrap the blanket in archival tissue paper. Then, place it in a storage box that won’t emit chemicals that damage fabric, such as a plastic box made from cast polypropylene. Store in a cool, dry place with a stable temperature to keep this treasure safe.

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10 Unique and Versatile Uses for Your Baby Blankets


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Anonymous October 17, 2023

I used my children’s okd blankies as either shoe polish cloths or dish/cleaning cloths around the house. Oldest moved out recently and took a old blankie with him to clean his place

Anouk liv July 27, 2023

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