Where did all the Wee Kiddos Go?

Kiddo the Lamb

Wee Kiddo is one of our best loved wee sized plush. This little lamb friend is a perfect 7" size, and has a pure white coat of soft and swirly, snuggle-ready fur and the most adorable perky lil’ ears with hand embroidered face details including sweet brown eyes, a delightful pink nose and sweet pink cheeks. Wee Kiddo lamb is sure to be loved, and was made to love “ewe” right back. He has been a part of the Bunnies By The Bay Good Friends Farm Collection for quite some time, but has recently became even more loved than we could have expected.

Wee Kiddo Lamb and Baby Boy

In May 2019 we opened our own Cricket Island shop inside of FAO Schwarz Beijing, in the famous China World Mall. Wee Kiddo was there, and graced the shelves among his other farm friends, just waiting to be discovered and loved. And discovered and LOVED he was! Wee Kiddo quickly became a favorite, and quickly sold out of stock in all of China.

Since then his popularity has grown, and he has been searched for far and wide. It wasn’t long before the Wee Kiddo craze made its way to the United States as well, and we quickly sold out in all our stores and on our website. We have people all over the world asking, “Where did all the Wee Kiddos go?”

Well, the truth is they have gone to their homes, to give Glad Dreams to all those lucky enough to find him, just as we had hoped they would. And rest assured, we are working day and night to create more so that even more Glad Dreams can be shared. Thank you for loving our Wee Kiddo just as much as we do. Please keep an eye out as we promise to re-stock Wee Kiddo just as soon as we can!

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