Easter is a time for family gatherings: Good food, arts & crafts, gift-giving, and the ever-classic Easter egg hunt. 

Nobody does Easter like Bunnies By The Bay, so let us help guide you through making the perfect Easter celebration!

Easter Gift Baskets

Image of Personalized Easter gift wicker basket with stuffed bunny

Every child looks forward to an Easter gift basket from a loving parent, grandparent, family member or friend. Imagine the look on your wee ones’ faces when they see a bright wooden basket brimming with cute toys, books, blankets, loveys and clothes all packaged up beautifully, complete with vanilla crinkle paper, and tied with a satin ribbon bow custom embroidered with their name and our signature carrot. We hand-picked a few special Easter baskets, provided a few gifting suggestions, and we are standing by ready to fill them with your very own selections, sure to make a lasting impression and be cherished for the years to come!

Finding the Perfect Easter Gift

Are you wondering what are the best Easter gifts for 2019? Hop over and see what we have put together to make your Easter Holiday shopping easy, adorable and fun!

Image of baby in pink hooded bunny blanket

 Gifts for Babies

 A wonderful candy-free alternative, fill your baby's basket with toys to help with mental and emotional development, blankets for soothing and snuggling, teethers and toys for play, and books for the ever-important story time.

Gifts for Toddlers

Celebrate Easter with cute bunnies, blankets, and a book for Easter story time. Delight in the tale of Nibbles the bunny in "Nibbles Big Surprise" and spread the lessons of true friendship along the way.

 Gifts for Kids

Kids love activities, and a basket of goodies and books that can also be used to collect all those Easter Eggs on the morning hunt is just the perfect touch to make their Easter Holiday a delight.

 Gifts for Adults

Even parents, Grandparents and Teachers can get in on the fun! If you can’t be there to hug them in person, send a soft and lovable plush that they can hug and squeeze to think of you! There is no such things as being too old for snuggles!

Stuffed Animals

From silky soft stuffed bunnies with long lop ears, to yellow chicks, sweet plush lambs, adorable puppies and more! Give the gift of a true friend for life with our cherished plush stuffed animals!

Easter Apparel

Some-bunny is going to look extra cute this year! Our classic Easter-themed apparel is sure to take the spotlight in all of the family photos. Have you seen our famous Cuddle Coat? It will surely make your babe the cutest little bunny at Easter Brunch!

Find the best deals on Easter gifts with these ready-to-go gift sets! Packed in our delightfully illustrated gift box, complete with carrot tissue paper and tied with a bow of our signature logo ribbon. Gift Sets are always a 10% savings and a priceless presentation.

Plush Dolls

Every special little girl would love an adorably cute doll in their Easter Basket! Choose the sweetest in the bunch, or a doll that looks like them! Don't forget an extra out fit and a DIY Apron Kit so they can truly make her their own!

Add A Monogram!

Add a monogram to your order for the perfect personal touch! You can add personalization to Buddy Blankets, Bye Bye Bye Buddies, Blankets & More!

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