Easter Egg Hunt!

Who doesn't love the thrill of an Easter egg hunt? Those little blue and pink spotted eggs in the garden always delight! We came up with our own little game right here on Cricket Island. There are five Easter eggs hidden on our site. Find them and get 10 points each which you can spend in our shop! These eggs will only give points up to Easter 2021, so hop to it and tell your friends!

Can you find the eggs based on these little hints?

Pink Easter Egg

I'm hidden in plain "site" wherever you may go,

If you're still stumped, simply look below!

Blue Easter egg

A lovely tale for you and me, 

It's how Cricket Island came to be!

Yellow Easter egg

This tiny bird's as cute as can be,

It says "Peep peep" and is so fluffy!

Purple Easter egg

Looking for an "Easter Basket to Remember"? 

This blog is rich with Easter splendor!

Green Easter Egg

Looking for an Easter gift for smiles so bright and wide?

We lovingly crafted a list, of sorts, to be an egg-cellent guide!

Share the fun with your friends!