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A security blanket or toy can help ease your little one’s tears and sadness. At Bunnies by the Bay, you’ll find a wonderful collection of super-soft, extra cuddly security blanket animals featuring all our lovable characters.

From Blossom the Bunny to Skipit the Puppy, our friendly characters are the perfect companions for the newest little one in your life! Our popular Buddy Blankets—part stuffed animal, part blanket—feature super soft fur, charming hand-embroidered features, satin trim, and a convenient security loop to keep them close by wherever your little one goes!

A security blanket provides softness, comfort, and security in a world that isn’t always the most comfortable. Babies' security blankets help little ones feel better when they’re sick, feel safe when they’re in a new place, and even serve as trusted companions. These baby blankets are suitable for children as young as newborns and machine washable to keep them looking and feeling good at all times. They’re also perfectly sized to hold in tiny hands and feel the warmth, comfort, and love all around.

Our animal lovey blankets make great gifts, too. Each can be personalized with a custom embroidered name, initials, or special message. Plus, you can also add a beautifully illustrated baby gift box for a truly unique presentation. Whether for a baby shower, a homecoming party, or a first or second birthday, our security blankets are sure to bring a smile to your little bunny’s face.

Little ones love our security blankets and will snuggle up with them for naps, bedtime, stroller rides, family vacations, or just everyday cuddle sessions for years to come. If you’re looking for a unique and irresistibly lovable baby gift for your little bunny, Bunnies by the Bay has you covered. Shop our selection of animal lovey blankets and be sure to check out the rest of our baby girl gifts and baby boy gifts.

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