A first birthday is a momentous occasion that is cause for celebration and of course the cutest gifts for the new one year old to love! If you are looking for the perfect gift for baby’s first birthday Bunnies By The Bay is here to help.  Does little one have a lovey yet? Around this time in their life babies begin to enjoy the freedom of their increased mobility. With this new-found freedom they can also experience separation anxiety, and pediatricians recommend that a transitional item, known more commonly as a lovey or comfort object, can ease apprehensions and aid in normal and healthy development. Our Buddy Blankets, Bye Bye’s and cuddly plush friends make the perfect lovies! With different textures of fluffy fur, soft velour, silky satin, and embroidery there are many things for baby to explore and stimulate their development. And if they are going to have a constant companion, they might as well have the cutest around with a Bunnies By The Bay Lovey!

Another ideal first birthday gift is a book. To Instill a love of reading into your little one’s lives from an early age is a gift that will last a lifetime.  little ones just love the delightful illustrations of Bunnies By The Bay books the best. And you will love that our books like Camp Cricket and Pretty Girl instill valuable life lessons of friendship and how to be a good person who is pretty on the inside!